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Company Name : Focus Mold Engineering Co., Ltd.
Nature of Business : Manufacturer & Exporter.
Industry : Mold Making and Plastic Industry.
Focus Mold Engineering Co., Ltd. established in 1988 in HongKong
, is one of experienced manufactures and exporters in Mold Making & Plastic Industry. Our company is located in ShenZhen of South China and there are more than 1600 employees.With a 20-Ton Overhead Cranes and a 25,000 sq. meter facility, Focus can handle all of our customers needs. In the year 2000 we have been successfully awarded ISO 9001(2000) and we are also a listed manufacturer of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. of USA since 1990 (UL No.E94827). Besides Focus is a founding member of the Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Manufacturers Association and a Corporate Member of the Hong Kong Auto Parts Industry Association.

*We provide One-Stop-Shop professional service to our customers:
- Prototyping Service ;
- Plastic Mold Design & Making ;
- Plastic Injection Molding and two shot molding ;
- Secondary Decorative Process - ( including Paint Spraying, Silk-screen Printing, Hot-stamping, Pad-printing, Electro-plating, etc.) ;
- Assembly ;
- Delivery ; Shipment ; Export.
-We welcome most kinds of Plastic OEM Production from Local and Oversea Customers.

*Products / Service Ranges :

Designing and Making Plastic Molds ;
Manufacture of plastic casings, component parts for Tele-com Products, Multi-media Products, Audio-Video Products, Electronic Game Players and Electrical Appliances.

*Major Market :

USA, Europe, Japan, and Worldwide.
Certificate & Awards :
ISO 9001(2000) since April, 2000.
UL-USA (UL No.E94827) since 1990.

* Major Customers :


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